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Land Development - Residential Subdivisions & Light Civil

Our land development team has perfected the art of preparing pad-ready lots with urgency, quality, and efficiency. 

80% of our home builder clients rehire us because of our effective project management that keeps everything on-time and within budget.

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Hidden Creek 

Hall-Irwin partnered with LGI Homes once more to develop a community of 141 single-family residences within the Hidden Creek Subdivision of Fredrick, CO. Along with the widening of Ridgeway Blvd, this project brings with it a unique set of circumstances, including locating underground utilities and figuring out how to work around them in the most cost-effective way. The scope of work on this project involves over-excavation of both the lots and streets, overlot grading, water/storm/sanitary pipe installation, dry utility sleeving, concrete, asphalt, and  signs and striping.

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Buffalo Highlands

This residential development project entailed six filings with over 650 lots prepared for two different home builders near 96th Ave and Buckley Rd in Commerce City, CO.


​Over 800,000 CY of dirt containing lignite (combustible sedimentary rock) had to be moved and replaced with new structural fill dirt, which was compacted to the degree necessary to support home foundations. This work had to be completed in just 45 days to prepare the model home lots six months ahead of schedule, and with careful re-planning we were able to meet this request. In the end, the home builders received a fully prepared site on which to build beautiful single-family homes.



Creekside’s 115 single-family residential lots in Thornton, CO are owned by the Woodbury Group. This project included demolition, over-excavation, grading, underground utilities (sanitation, water, and storm), concrete, asphalt, and signage & striping. Our crew performed asbestos abatement while demolishing several existing housing structures and a 300’ well. Many off-site improvements were provided, including the widening of both Quebec St & 128th Ave.

Tied in to this project, we later completed the new water line project down Quebec St at The City of Thornton's request, since we were already making improvements to the street for this subdivision. That project involved the installation of more than 2,500 LF of 42" pipe.



This was a multi-phase project completed in 2018 for LGI Homes. In Phase 1, we completed all site work and infrastructure for 57 lots. In Phase 2, we completed the same work for another 52 lots. The completed infrastructure included earthwork, utilities, water systems and storm, curb and gutter, sub-excavation, and paving. We also provided offsite improvements with the widening of Tipple Pkwy. With this project, LGI was able to bring 109 new homes to the community of Frederick. 

colliers hill

Colliers Hill

Hall-Irwin was chosen to provide the infrastructure and site development for KB Homes in the small, scenic town of Erie, CO. The Colliers Hill development is home to 98 duplex units and a community amenities center, along with 15 miles of trails, parks, and open space.

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Westwood is another multi-phased project we completed for KB Homes. The 2-phase project provides site work and infrastructure for a 167-lot subdivision in Thornton, CO. The completed infrastructure includes earthwork, underground utilities, water & storm sewer, curb and gutter, sub-excavation, and paving. Offsite improvements included signal ditch enhancements, 4,000 LF of sanitary leading to an outfall location, and work on E 152nd Ave, Monaco St, and Holly St.



Cottonwood is a residential development project in Fort Lupton, CO, next to the Coyote Creek Golf Course and Aims Community College. This job continues Hall-Irwin's working relationship with LGI Homes. We performed all rough and fine grading, underground utilities, concrete flatwork, and asphalt paving. Some off-site sanitary sewer work was included in this contract, requiring us to bore underneath a bridge to tie in the existing sanitary sewer system. 


Kipling Townhomes

Hall-Irwin completed this project for another repeat client, Meritage Homes, to deliver the land development work for this multi-family development in Denver. We demo'ed an existing home and some trees before beginning working on site. This project encompassed eight acres of land, with an irrigation ditch running right through the middle of it, requiring us to divert water around the site. We look forward to working with Meritage Homes again in the future.


Revere at Johnstown

Hall-Irwin constructed this 320-lot, 77-acre subdivision under contract with Forestar Real Estate Group. There was a good deal of preparatory work to be done including removing an irrigation ditch that ran through the center of the plot and extending High Plains Blvd to meet up with Co Rd 50. The owner self-performed the dirt work and dry utilities, leaving the rest to Hall-Irwin’s competent team. This project required 45,000 LF (8.5 miles) of new pipe. We met with the neighboring farmers to ensure lines of communication remained open and relationships were maintained, even contracting with one of them to build a concrete structure that was required. 

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