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Updated: Jan 19

Please welcome to the team, two new additions to our Preconstruction team. Hannah Wassenberg who joins us from Kansas to fill our Bid Coordinator position and a return from Jeanna Whipple to fill our Business Development Manager position.

On March 14th, Hannah Wassenberg joined our preconstruction team as our new bid coordinator. She brings with her 4 years of experience in the A/E/C industry. Hannah's husband, Eric, was transferred from their Kansas location to their Colorado location bringing Hannah to Hall-Irwin. A fun fact about her is the fact she is part of the Delaware Tribe of Indians based in Oklahoma and this year will be her 35th one in attendance to the Delaware Pow-Wow. She will continue to camp, dress, dance and observe her culture!

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  • blafferty4

Updated: Jan 19

Debbie has worked in construction for seven years, and has been privileged to spend them all with Hall-Irwin. Her husband, Ross (pictured), enjoys coming to see what she does from time to time, even when it’s a messy slurry wall. She settled on the Front Range 10 years ago, after three years working for a non-profit in Russia—a country which will always hold a piece of her heart.

Debbie is also known for her work partners when she is attending a zoom call. Her intriguing cats are more than eager to join as one always seems to be trying to join the video in the background.


Garrett is currently a superintendent with Hall-Irwin but is moving into the role of a Project Engineer. He is 37 and single with no kids currently residing on his family's cattle ranch in Hudson, but would like some kids one day. He attends CSU being a Colorado native, even though he's lived in 8 states as his father is a corporate pilot.

His passion is also his secondary career, he is a hunting and fishing guide.

Garrett wears a hard hat daily and better than anyone, but still consistently has great hair days. He is also proof that chivalry is not dead, even in the rough and tumble construction industry.


Tayler Rensink began with Hall-Irwin as an intern and has now been back full-time as a Project Engineer. He graduated from Colorado State University with a B.S. in Construction management. He has a rounded knowledge of the construction industry working on both vertical commercial projects as well as civil land development projects.

He can work with any team and is always eager to support project managers and superintendents however he can. When he isn't working, you can find him enjoying sports by participating or watching them.

Coworkers would say he is a great asset to Hall-Irwin with his strong work ethic and positive disposition. He's been known to help pull others out of hot water on more than one occasion.

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In 2017, Hall-Irwin was contracted by Glacier Hotels to build the Element by Westin hotel at 1 Marshall Road in Superior, CO. We constructed this 4-level, LEED certified hotel located just off the Boulder Turnpike/Hwy 36, which became a popular stop for businesspeople and tourists alike. This was such an exciting project for the community that it was mentioned on Superior’s website:

Completed Element Hotel side seen from the Boulder Turnpike 2021

On December 30, 2021, however, the operations of this beautiful hotel came to a sudden halt, when it was completely incinerated by Colorado's most destructive wildfire ever, the Marshall Fire. The fire was named after its origination point* on Marshall Road nearly four miles west of the hotel, at the intersection with State Highway 93. Fueled by wind gusts up to 115 mph, the fire blasted through over 6,000 acres in just a few hours, destroying over 1,000 homes and businesses, and causing over $510 million in damages. Entire subdivisions were reduced to unrecoverable rubble, as was the Element Hotel. The fire was finally extinguished with the help of heavy snowfall on New Year’s Eve (the storm which caused the previous day’s extreme winds). Although the snow came as a much-needed relief from the fire, it made search and rescue missions that much more difficult, as crews had to trudge through a foot of snow over still-burning embers.

Demolition of the remains of the Element will take place in March, 2022 and plans to rebuild are underway.

*As of publication of this, the Marshall Fire's cause is still under investigation.

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