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Selby Ranch

Project type

Land Development

This project serves a new client, AHV Communities, preparing 162 lots for townhomes for rent. As it's been a while since we've worked in Colorado Springs, we've enjoyed the view of Pikes Peak from this site near the Colorado Springs Airport.

Although we signed this contract at the beginning in 2022, we were obliged to wait a year to begin work due to issues getting the drawings approved. Once we were released to start, however, our team accelerated the schedule, fighting through rain delays and design changes to push toward on-time completion. We provided value-engineering suggestions to the owner, replacing geo-grid with gravity rocks in the retaining walls to avoid encroaching on property lines. So far, this client is pleased with our work to the point they've invited us to bid on future aspects of this project, including landscaping and the amenities center.

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