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Discovery Ridge Townhomes

Project type

Vertical Commercial Construction

Located along a ridge overlooking the town of Superior, Hall-Irwin teamed up with Aweida Properties, Inc., to build Canary Lane and its 20 new high-end townhomes. Just eight miles south of Boulder, these duplexes combine luxury and unobstructed mountain views to bring the good life to this community. Due to the hill’s original slope and very poor soils, extreme measures and extensive testing were undertaken to ensure the structures remain uncompromised for many decades to come. Soil compaction tests were conducted every eight inches, loads of better soil were brought in to facilitate proper anchoring, and the sureness of each footing and slab was confirmed. No expense was spared with regard to finishes, including quartz countertops, modern fixtures and lighting options, hardwood floors, fireplaces, steam showers, and a number of other customizable features. This scenic hill is a model of what makes this Denver suburb truly superior.

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