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Kersey Community Center at the Grange

Project type

Vertical Commercial Construction

The Town of Kersey needed a new Community Center, and while they had hoped to save the previous structure known as the "Platte Valley Grange No. 455," this plan was eventually scrapped due to feasibility issues. Instead, they decided to enter into a design-build agreement with Hall-Irwin to construct a brand-new building to serve the community. As an homage to the former structure, the center was named the Kersey Community Center at the Grange, and was funded by multiple partners, including a grant from DOLA. The building includes a meeting room with a polished concrete floor, reclaimed beetle kill T&G ceiling, daylighting, and stage with a ramp and AV hookups, alongside a front desk office, bathrooms, security system, reception room with a small kitchenette, and a decorative entry façade. Special parking lights were installed to ensure no neighboring sky views were affected by the all-night safety lighting. During the day the building is used as a senior center, while the evenings are scheduled with youth and family programs, along with community meetings and other events.

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