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Milliken Slurry Wall

Project type

Water Storage

Our crew pulled out all the stops to install a slurry wall around this reservoir near Milliken. The pond will be filled for future water storage after Martin Marietta Materials mines the site down to the approved water retention volume. Our team encountered several challenges in the construction of this project, including wetlands in the site's interior, warranting a rise in the platform elevation to ensure stability for our excavator. Additionally, we worked around dense clusters of both underground oil pipelines and above-ground electrical lines, requiring months of coordination with utility companies to protect their lines while the slurry wall was constructed across them. Additionally, we hit hard bedrock at a higher elevation than expected, necessitating a larger excavator to dig to the required key depths and maintain the schedule. Our crews navigated these hurdles with their usual expertise and now this reservoir will provide the owners with water storage for decades to come.

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