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The Shores Ponds A-E

Project type

Water Storage

This was a design-build water storage project with five separate gravel pits within The Shores site: ponds A, B, C, D & E. Ponds B, C, & D have individual slurry walls constructed around each pit, while Pond A has a combination of a clay liner with a cutoff wall that ties into it. After mining was completed on Pond E, Hall Irwin constructed a clay liner around it as well, utilizing the bottom shale. All five ponds' walls that we installed have passed the State of Colorado Certified Leak Test.

The five ponds are linked through a series of interconnects, inlet structures, and a pump station in Pond A--nearly all of which was installed by Hall Irwin. These elements work together to allow for the largest amount of water conveyance both in and out of the reservoirs. The sum length of the cut-off walls installed at this site is 23,150 LF. The soil-bentonite cutoff wall backfill was keyed into bedrock at a maximum depth of 32 feet, creating approximately 4,500 acre-feet of water storage for this owner.

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