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2021 Addition

Updated: Jan 19

Starting in April 2021 Hall-Irwin has had a lot of changes. We decided to move our office back to the city where it all began, Greeley, Colorado. The building that housed Hall-Irwin's headquarters was sold to a school which supplemented Milliken's need for more space with their expanding student population. Shortly after the office move, Hall-Irwin welcomed our new CEO (Chief Executive Officer), Lori Masi, in June. This month, we felt like we needed to launch a website redesign to keep up.

What else happened internally at Hall-Irwin?

We got a new Project Manager!

In the last week of November, Josh Turnwald filled a Project Manager position bringing 11 years of construction expertise with him. Josh's fun fact is that he bungee jumped off of the stratosphere in Las Vegas. Ask him to do it again and he might ask you to buy him a couple of drinks first!

Josh and Tucker

Stay tuned for our blog on our completed projects in 2021 and others we have started!


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