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Meet the Project Engineers

Debbie has worked in construction for seven years, and has been privileged to spend them all with Hall-Irwin. Her husband, Ross (pictured), enjoys coming to see what she does from time to time, even when it’s a messy slurry wall. She settled on the Front Range 10 years ago, after three years working for a non-profit in Russia—a country which will always hold a piece of her heart.

Debbie is also known for her work partners when she is attending a zoom call. Her intriguing cats are more than eager to join as one always seems to be trying to join the video in the background.


Garrett is currently a superintendent with Hall-Irwin but is moving into the role of a Project Engineer. He is 37 and single with no kids currently residing on his family's cattle ranch in Hudson, but would like some kids one day. He attends CSU being a Colorado native, even though he's lived in 8 states as his father is a corporate pilot.

His passion is also his secondary career, he is a hunting and fishing guide.

Garrett wears a hard hat daily and better than anyone, but still consistently has great hair days. He is also proof that chivalry is not dead, even in the rough and tumble construction industry.


Tanner is Hall-Irwin's newest Project Engineer and brings 7 years of experience in the construction industry with him. He graduated from the University of Northern Colorado Monfort School of Business and has returned to Colorado and welcomed the arrival of his first child. They have decided to keep the gender a surprise so stay tuned!

Tanner grew up in Eaton and played baseball which was a huge part of the community. Nearly everyday during summer there was morning league and he would play with all of his friends. There were also two traveling teams would would play in the afternoon. Entering high school, he ended up playing legion ball in summer and fall ball in the fall. The springtime is when he would play for school. He ended up playing over 80 in just one summer. After that he played at Scottsdale Community College until he tore his rotator cuff. After rehabbing it back into shape, he went on to play at Arizona Christian University for a season. Now days he mostly enjoys golfing or running in his free time.

Tanner is always kind no matter what is going on. He keeps calm even when he is frustrated with slow software or exhausted from a busy weekend.


Tayler Rensink began with Hall-Irwin as an intern and has now been back full-time as a Project Engineer. He graduated from Colorado State University with a B.S. in Construction management. He has a rounded knowledge of the construction industry working on both vertical commercial projects as well as civil land development projects.

He can work with any team and is always eager to support project managers and superintendents however he can. When he isn't working, you can find him enjoying sports by participating or watching them.

Coworkers would say he is a great asset to Hall-Irwin with his strong work ethic and positive disposition. He's been known to help pull others out of hot water on more than one occasion.

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