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Mid -Year New Hires

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Let’s celebrate our new hires!

We are thrilled to welcome a new senior accountant, Mark Lutz, who started in July. He has experience establishing and implementing not only accounting policies, but also safety and security policies, procedures, and controls. Mark has successfully opened three luxury hotels and has managed all aspects of the Finance department. As a previous Director of Finance, he even successfully transitioned a hotel to a new ownership/management company providing training and support along the way.

Before entering the business world, Mark was a junior high teacher and coached baseball.

Mark now enjoys his off time in the outdoors whether it be hiking or snowshoeing with his family or fly fishing in the high-country lakes.

As we go through a few transitions, we are eager to see his knowledge and experience make a big impact and bring us to the next level - Welcome to the team, Mark!


Second, David Hollerbach has made an exciting return to Hall-Irwin as our new senior project manager. He brings back with him, 30 years of experience in construction in vertical building projects, 8 of which, were as a project manager for Hall-Irwin.

David was lucky enough to have an idyllic childhood. Growing up in Lake Tahoe in the 60’s and 70’s, much of his time was spent left to his own devices with his friends, enjoying all the activities and beauty that the mountains and lake had to offer.

David now has a passionate relationship with construction and has taken on the task of remodeling and building an addition to his 1910 farmhouse which was located on two properties and within a setback. The work first required merging of the two properties and obtaining a variance before any construction could begin.

We are very thrilled to have him rejoin Hall-Irwin with the knowledge he has acquired in the time he has been with other companies. Welcome back David H!


Third, why stop at one David, when you can have TWO? David Zeigler has also joined the Hall-Irwin team in July. His contribution as one of our superintendents adds to our "boots-on-the-ground" team. David brings 25 years of land development experience with him.

David's free time is happily made up of having two daughters - ages 12 and 19. His oldest has a passion for horses and competes in Barrel racing events all over the country while his youngest is active in sports and is developing her passions in life.

David personally enjoys golfing, sportfishing and is a master on the BBQ. A fun random fact about David, is that he is a huge football fan! One weekend many years ago he and some friends rushed to California in support of a slow white Bronco with OJ Simpson in the back; they actually made it to his house.

Welcome onboard David Z!


Our latest new hire, Jason Donley, also joined our team at the end of July. He has complimented our preconstruction team as our new estimator with extensive experience in vertical construction estimation. Growing up in Ohio, he began his career in construction. Jason moved to Larimer, Wyoming growing his strengths in estimating eventually bringing them to Colorado and to Hall-Irwin.

In Jason's free time, he prefers either fixing things or exploring the great outdoors with his wife. Being new to Colorado, he is excited to explore new hiking trails, campgrounds, fishing holes, hunting grounds, and whatever Colorado outdoors may bring.

Welcome to Hall-Irwin and Colorado, Jason!

Take time to say hello to our new team members when you get a chance!


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