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The People Behind the Scenes

Updated: Mar 16


Amber Biddle is a mother, a sister, a daughter and a wife along with Hall-Irwin's Construction Office Admin going on 3 years. She's worked in the construction industry for over a decade. Her breaks often include daily walks with Tracy, which she enjoys because they are filled with laughs and discussions about their families.

A fun fact about Amber is her passion for gardening in the spring and summer which then feeds into her passion for canning all the goodies she grew throughout the year. Outside of gardening and canning, she enjoys time with her family and attending church.

Amber is known for being a passionate and caring person which shows in everything she does.


Cindy Otenberger joined us earlier this year which can be found in our 2021 additions blog. Just click on her photo to check it out! Other than joining Hall-Irwin as our staff accountant earlier this year, Cindy is a mom, a sister, a daughter and a wife and a grandmother. She lights up when she talks about her family, even when talking about the hassles of puppy training.

Cindy always exudes happiness even when she is stressed or tired and it is contagious. It's hard not to smile when speaking with her.


Chris Dray started with Hall-Irwin as an intern when he was attending Colorado State pursuing his construction management degree. He rejoined us full time starting as a project engineer and has since moved into the role of Safety Manager.

Chris took 2nd place in state tennis and won state for the next two years for Wyoming High School and was ranked in the top 100 in the country before getting a 3/4 scholarship to Purdue University to start off his college career which he later finished at Colorado State University.

Chris is never one to turn down a request for help, whether it be because someone needs his height or someone needs something out on the jobsite. He always is there to help with a smile.


Jean Maxwell has been with Hall-Irwin for 3 years bringing her previous accounting and people skills with her from previous industries. She enjoys reading, a variety of crafts, shopping and most of all spending time with her Husband and family. A fun fact about her is her hatred from colored noodles and colored chips.

Jean lights up the office with her contagious enthusiasm and she wins the award for the best dressed in the office as her outfits are perfectly coordinated.



Bri Lafferty has returned to Hall-Irwin as Marketing Manager now with 8 years of experience in the A/E/C industry. She thrives on telling the story in a way that makes you want to become a part of it. Bri currently resides in Greeley with her rescued dog, Cooper. She loves all thing art and loves to paint both canvas's and people.

Bri will go out of her way to help whenever she can.


Hannah Wassenberg is new to Hall-Irwin filling our Bid Coordinator role and brings with her 4 years of experience in a related field.

Earlier this year, Hannah's husband, Eric, was transferred from his companies Kansas branch to Colorado. Hannah and Eric enjoy live music, playing golf and exploring new places. Hannah is really excited to learn what all Colorado has to offer.

Hannah will hopefully be pleasantly surprised by Colorado's hot music scene and the endless adventures that the mountains provide.

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