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Leaders In Construction

  • Exceptional, honest management
  • Solid relationships
  • Continual improvement in building practices
  • Building with integrity, urgency, and precision
  • Safe & proactive workplace


We are a company founded on hard work, dedication, and a positive attitude. We are fortunate to employ a solid team of honest, safety-minded individuals who deliver quality in each of our projects, and builds relationships based on trust and transparency.


Much of Hall-Irwin’s evolution was the result of identifying problems in the region's construction processes, and incorporating solutions into our business model. When George Hall and Hale Irwin couldn’t find a good pipe crew, they created this company and installed pipe themselves; when they had trouble finding aggregate, they started a mining division; and when clients were losing money from water infiltration into their mining pits, they started building slurry walls.

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Our team takes pride in following through on our commitments. The preconstruction team establishes realistic timelines and expectations, and then the construction managers deliver on those baselines with high-caliber work. We pride ourselves on attention to detail, knowing that each project should be worry-free for the client from start to finish.

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