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Thornton, CO

Creekside’s 115 single-family residential lots in Thornton, CO were developed by the Woodbury Corporation. This project included demolition, over-excavation with dewatering operations, grading, underground utilities (sanitation, water, and storm), concrete, asphalt, and signage & striping. Our crew performed asbestos abatement while demolishing several existing housing structures and a 300’ well.

Several off-site improvements were also provided, including the widening of both Quebec St & 128th Ave, and infrastructure for two commercial pads along 128th Ave. Hall Irwin also agreed to add the installation of a 2,500 LF of new 42" water line under Quebec St for the City of Thornton, since we were already working on the street widening. We installed this line before offsite connections in order to mitigate elevation conflicts. This work helped facilitate the supply of water to the City of Thornton from Horsetooth Reservoir.

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