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One of the founding principles of our company is a strong commitment to safety. This is expressed through our ongoing safety programs, our culture of compliance, and our lower than industry average EMR rating.

Commitment to Safety 

Safety and Accident Prevention Plan

The Dupont STOP program has been in use for the past ten years. This program attempts to eliminate injuries by positively reminding workers of safe work habits, proper use of equipment, and the consistent use of personal protective gear. Each employee is responsible for integrating these safety and health principles into their day-to-day job operations. STOP cards and proper Job Hazard Analyses (JHA) are conducted on each working site.  Hall-Irwin is proud to state that we have not had any OSHA Citations, which is all thanks to our safety-minded team.


Ensuring everyone on our job sites goes home to their families each night is our primary concern. To this end, Hall-Irwin’s management team has created a safety training program complete with training requirements, educational materials, and regular meetings led by inside and outside safety experts.  Ongoing training records are created for each employee in their respective discipline. Training programs are conducted in all areas of business operation. We make sure to meet OSHA 1910, OSHA 1926, MSHA, DOT, and EPA standards.

Cost Containment Certification

Hall-Irwin is proud to announce that we have been Certified with Cost Containment with our effective safety program that is in place. We are on our 5th year straight of being certified through our insurance and will be certified again later this year for the 6th year in a row. You can see what it takes with the quick guide! 

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