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About Us
Meet Hall Irwin

We are a company founded on hard work, dedication, and a positive attitude. We are fortunate to employ a solid team of honest, safety-minded individuals who deliver quality in each of our projects and build relationships based on trust and transparency.

Much of Hall Irwin’s evolution was the result of identifying problems in the region's construction processes and incorporating solutions into our business model. When George Hall and Hale Irwin Sr. couldn’t find a good pipe crew, they created this company and installed pipe themselves; when they had trouble finding aggregate, they started a mining division; and when clients were losing money from water infiltration into their mining pits, they started building slurry walls.


We prioritize the safety of our team, your property, and the surrounding community.


We are forward thinking and constantly seeking ways to improve.


We own our role as contractor and do what it takes to ensure quality project delivery.


We value meaningful connections with our employees, clients, partners, and communities.


We work to bring your visions to life through a spirit of enjoyment and camaraderie.

Our History

The 50's & 60's
How it all began..


George and Hale met in 1958 while working at Hugh Phillips Construction in Greeley. They were both superintendents building houses. As they continued their construction career, they realized they both had the same problem – finding a pipe crew that could stay ahead of the construction schedule. So, in August of 1963, they decided to start a pipeline company named Hall Irwin Construction Company, with the determination to be the best pipe company in Colorado.  George and Hale started the company with the help of two investors with the guarantee that in 36 months they would buy back their share at book value. Hall Irwin was so successful that they tripled the stockholders' money in those 36 months! 


When it came to naming the business, George and Hale took the advice of a good friend, who said, “If you have faith in your business, you should stand behind it and put your name on it.”  Thus, Hall Irwin was born. Hale handled operations in the field while George managed the business side, including finances and estimating.

The 60's & 70's


Hall Irwin began with only a few employees, however, they quickly grew to nearly 100 workers just in the pipeline crew. In the 1960s, they brought in the largest excavator Greeley had ever seen: a Northwest excavator delivered by train, that used hydraulics to operate the stick and bucket, and chains and cables to power the rest. In 1968, Hall-Irwin added more services, including curb and gutter, plumbing, heating, and even custom home building up until the mid 70's.


Then, in 1974, Hale Irwin Jr.’s golfing career took off, and Hale Irwin Sr. decided to retire so that he could tour the world with his son. At this time, he asked George to buy out his shares, to which George agreed. That same year, Hale Irwin Jr. won his first U.S. Open.



The 80's


The company launched into the aggregate business in the mid-1980s. They had difficulty finding quality aggregate at the right price for their pipeline projects, so they bought a farm from Reynold Herbst and started mining aggregate on that land. While mining, the pits filled up continually with groundwater. Due to evaporation, they either had to pay for the loss of water, augment it, give up and fill the pits with dirt, or find a way to keep the groundwater out. With inspiration from a process used in Europe and along the US coastlines, in 1990 Hall Irwin built its first slurry wall around the Herbst Gravel Pit, now known as the Siebring Reservoir. This was the first slurry wall to be constructed around a gravel pit in North America.


The 90's & 2000's


Hall Irwin’s services continued to expand into the ’90s, by which point we started self-performing landscaping work along with asphalt paving, even purchasing an asphalt plant to supplement this endeavor. With a very talented staff on board, it was decided that we could expand even further, and in the year 2000, Hall Irwin became a General Contractor and added vertical construction to our range of services. In 2005, we built our former headquarters in Milliken, CO, which housed over 200 employees. Unfortunately, the economic downturn of 2008 required us to reevaluate our business model and redefine ourselves. We eliminated most of our self-performing divisions and turned our focus toward Construction Management in vertical, water storage, and land development projects.


By 2010, we were well underway with many new vertical construction projects along the Front Range. The business has continued to grow with George W. Hall’s values deeply instilled into all that we do. The company is now a leader in vertical construction, having successfully constructed several large-scale mixed-use and hospitality projects. 55 years later, we all hold to the same values of opportunity, innovation, and quality that the company was founded upon.


The 20's


In 2021, we decided to sell the Milliken headquarters to a new charter school. The charter school is a much-needed addition to the town of Milliken, which has experienced substantial growth in recent years, and the building will be better utilized as a place of learning, next to another of Hall Irwin's projects, the Milliken Athletic Complex. Hall-Irwin's new office is back in Greeley, the same city where it was founded 58 years ago. Shortly after moving to the new office, Lori Masi became our new CEO, making us a woman-owned business. 

Hall Irwin has been built on over five decades of learning how to adapt to whatever obstacles we face. We continue to focus on meeting our clients' needs, caring for our team, and building Northern Colorado with distinction. George still comes into the office every weekday and greets his employees with a smile. Thanks to our founder’s vision and values, we are a company of resilient strength and capability.

Why do we exist? For the love of the build. 

Leading the way in construction and beyond, we empower industry, inspire innovation, and reshape the customer - contractor paradigm.
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