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City Park Refresh


Fort Collins, CO

In 2018, Hall Irwin began Design-Build workshops with the City of Fort Collins and their Park Planning & Development department to design a full revamp of the aging City Park. However, by 2020 it was decided based on funding that they would begin by simply rebuilding the bathroom.

Our team coordinated the demolition of the old bathroom, taking great care to protect the trees growing within a foot of the building, as we were tasked with protecting all trees on site, which are part of the City Park Arboretum. The new restroom was installed a short distance away, in a more optimal location within the network of champion trees. When it came time to dig the building foundation and install underground utilities, we employed hydro excavators to ensure all significant tree root systems remained intact while we installed underground utilities and tied into the existing irrigation system.

The new year-round bathroom is much loved by the public and includes heating, landscaping with local artwork, custom steel trellis, exterior veneer of stucco and 4” thick moss stone, reclaimed beetle kill T&G ceilings, epoxy floors, adult-size changing tables, custom steel partitions, and trail connections.

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