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Sugar Beet Park

Project type

Parks & Leisure

The City of Fort Collins collaborated with Hall Irwin to bring to life this 5.3-acre neighborhood park on the site of the former Great Western Sugar Factory, which inspired both the naming and design of the park. The park includes multi-use turf fields, restrooms, a pollinator garden, and a custom-made 12' tall beet play structure. This structure is symbolic of the Great Western Sugar Factory, and before being installed at the park, was used as a temporary exhibit in the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery as a part of their Once Upon A Playground traveling exhibit. Train cars from the obsolete City Park mini-train line were repurposed into sliding benches, as an homage to the old train cars that once transported sugar beets across the factory grounds. This Park playfully takes on the history of the site and what the sugar beet industry once meant for the surrounding neighborhoods.

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