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Morton Lakes 7A & 7B


Fort Lupton, CO

Brannan Aggregate hired Hall Irwin to construct two slurry walls around cells 7A and 7B of their Morton Lakes mining site in Fort Lupton. We conducted preconstruction design meetings with the engineer to establish the alignment and ensure maximum allowable storage. We also coordinated with the owner to temporarily move their conveyor belts, fill a tunnel, and move several stockpiles to neighboring sites before work began.

The heavy rains of 2023 complicated construction, filling both cells to overflowing and blowing out a portion of cell 7A's already completed wall. This pushed back the schedule, and we coordinated priorities with the owner, allowing the ground to dry out before installing the final cap over 7B's wall, then going back to reinstall the compromised section of 7A. Our working relationship with Brannan was excellent throughout, and in the end they were provided with two functioning, state certified slurry walls. The average depth to bottom of key for both walls was 41 feet, with a total length of 7,700 LF of slurry wall installed.

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