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Mission, Vision, & Why

Why does nearly every company have a vision and mission, and what is the purpose of these verbose aspirations? First, they shouldn’t really be verbose, but rather concise descriptions. Second, they establish a firm’s identity and purpose for existing. Even some individuals create personal mission statements to direct their own lives, helping to cut out guessing and provide clarity for action.

Corporate mission and vision statements can evolve over time, to ensure companies remain effective for the industries and communities they serve. So it is with Hall Irwin as we embrace our new look and the approaches of our leadership team, who are breathing new life into this indelible company, reflected in these updated statements.

Hall Irwin’s VISION

Leading the way in construction and beyond, we empower industry, inspire innovation, and reshape the customer-contractor paradigm.

As with all visions, this statement represents where we are headed. Our desired path into the future includes empowering industry by developing effective project approaches, training our people to be better at their jobs, and mitigating execution risks. Inspiring innovation will require us to keep up with market trends and adopt new technologies wherever they make sense to drive us forward. And reshaping the customer-contractor paradigm means no less than prioritizing quality partnerships by simply being open to change and inquiry, generating trust in our delivery as the inevitable byproduct.

Hall Irwin’s MISSION

Building value with every project

This is how we get to our vision. Within each project lie many opportunities to build value for our partners, not to mention us. Regarding clients and subcontractors, we help build their reputations through attractive, reliably managed end products that serve more than the stated needs. Regarding the end product, we commit to provide value-added features, sustainable procurement practices, and superior construction. And regarding the communities in which we work—their values shape our dedication, because projects that don’t impress and satisfy needs simply fail, sooner or later.

But why do we even do all of this and set such high standards for ourselves, some yet to be fully realized? For the love of the build. We savor the chance to look at plan sets and see the end product before groundbreaking; we thrive on turning challenges into kinetic opportunities; we love building your future. That’s why.

At Hall Irwin, effective action counts the most, and the people we work with verify our efforts. We invite your personal feedback via our Contact page as you work with us and experience the effect of these core statements about how our company operates. Because these are merely random collections of words if not put into practice.


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