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Rebranding a Legacy

Today we are excited to unveil Hall Irwin’s new logo, complete with refreshed colors and a revamped website! Allow us to explain the ‘why’ behind this decision.

Since 1963, our company has evolved repeatedly, from a humble pipeline startup to a leading general contractor with multiple services and over $400 million of projects completed along the Front Range. For us, it’s never been just excavators and concrete, however, it’s about building relationships and trust. Your trust has brought us through yet another phase of our history, which warranted a celebratory transformation.

We went in search of a new, timeless symbol that will serve us well into the future and represent the strong partnerships we enjoy with you—our clients, subcontractors, and communities. The logo we found achieves all that, representing a modern step forward from our previous look, while maintaining the prominent H for George Hall, and I for Hale Irwin Sr., our esteemed founders. The upward slope of the H’s bar reflects our company’s continuous aspiration and striving toward excellence.

Regarding colors, we maintained navy blue as our primary, symbolizing professionalism, trust, and stability, not to mention our expertise in the water storage industry. Medium gray will serve as our secondary color, symbolizing adaptability, wisdom, and strength. Black and white will be used for alternative branding, showcasing our drive for perfection and success, simplicity and efficacy.

In celebration of this month heralding our 60th year in business, we’ve rebranded with not only a new logo, but also this new website. We hope you enjoy its greater functionality, organization, and modern appeal as you discover more about who we are, and who we’ve always been.

While we realize that rebranding is a process with many phases, including new truck decals, signage, PPE, and the all-important swag, we are excited to take this first step in bringing new life to the way we do things. Our executive team has also been reevaluating Hall-Irwin’s goals and values in an effort to create a cohesive brand identity that exhibits intentional growth. In the coming weeks, we’ll dig deeper into those values, along with the people who make our company great.

In summary, here are some insights from our President, Damon:

“This rebranding marks a pivotal moment for Hall Irwin as we embark on a new journey of growth and innovation. With 60 years of success as our foundation, we embrace change with a fresh perspective. The company's new look and new logo is not just rebranding but symbolizes a commitment to shaping the future, building new realities, and leaving an indelible mark for generations to come. Through the rebranding process we were reminded of our rich legacy and are fueled by the excitement of what lies ahead."

We look forward to all that the bright future holds for us, and for you! Happy 60th, Hall Irwin Corp!


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